Overburdened Infrastructure

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Houston's Ben Taub:

State Government Report on the uninsured:

Hospital District Future: Mostly Illegal Immigrants?:

Read this testimonial from an American citizen trying to get treatment for Strep Throat:


Lianne Russell:   "let me share with you a little tidbit i learned today. I am one of the millions of uninsured that can't afford health insurance. I make too much to qualify and too little to cover the 700 a month expense. So, today, I needed to go to one of the clinics on the island to get a new prescription for strep. I've never been and expected to pay something in the range of like 150.00 to 200.00. Well, I call first thing this morning and because I do not have a green card or visa, I have to go through their administration process in order to become a patient. I'm like, "what"? i made the woman tell me this twice because i didn't think i heard her correctly. Had I been an illegal, I would have been seen TODAY but because I am an American citizen who wants to private pay for medical  services, i have to go through a screening process that could take a week. STOP THE MAGNET is right...START Caring for Americans First! /rant off...