Stop the Magnet Endorses Steve Toth for TX SD-4

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Please go vote and make sure your friends and neighbors participate! 

Early voting is Monday, July 28th through Friday, August 1st.  Election Day is Tuesday, August 5th.  Please vote in this important election!Below is our endorsement for Steve Toth. EV locations for Harris County: 

                                                                     Stop the Magnet Endorses Steve Toth for TX SD-4

As the latest crisis emerges on the Texas border with thousands of illegal aliens from Central America and other countries seeking amnesty under Obama's misuse of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Executive Order, we see who is authentic in this race. Steve Toth has garnered the respect from the activists focused on the immigration issue. He has demonstrated by his deeds in investigating the locations and conditions of the sites where the Office of Refugee and Resettlement (under the direction of Health and Human Services) are bringing in poverty-stricken and in some cases, diseased or criminal alien minors. Mr. Toth understands that while comfort and relief should be given to those in need he has the foresight and wisdom to know that this will have grave consequences to his constituency. His actions tell us that he knows where his loyalty lies in defending American citizens from this latest onslaught at the hands of the federal govenment. This is not a politician who spouts "border talk" but follows its devastating consequences all the way into the community.  

Further, Steve Toth fought shoulder to shoulder with activists at the Republican convention in Ft. Worth to defeat the notorious "Texas Solution" plank geared toward the restaurant and construction industry for cheap and plentiful labor needs. 

Finally, we urge you to understand that a vote for Strauss as Speaker for the Texas House means NO IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT. Unlike his opponent, Toth can be counted on to change the political dynamic in Austin to allow "magnet-killing" bills to see the light of day. 
Please heed our advice and Vote Toth for your next Senator! 

Long May We Wave, 
Liz Theiss